This is our Embroidery Department were happy to bring you samples of some of our work. We can sew up a single name on a cap or a shirt or we can sew up 100's of caps or Hoodies crewnecks, or for the businesses out there that wants quality we can create or sew out your logo or design for a price that will give you value for your purchase.  Here at WestKoast we've specialized in 3D puff for those customers that want that name of their Logo or Brand to POP and come alive.


Try us out we will give you very competitive prices and quality that you will appreciate, and will be satisifying to your needs.  We will give you the personal service you deserve, and communicate with you every step of the way on the creation of your individiual project.






You can place your order by calling us at 909 888-2770

or you can send us your design by e-mail at newtrendz embroidery Our embroidery manager, Ari, will be happy to take your call or respond to your e-mail.

Click on the "ORDER HERE" button where it will take you to our vendor catalog, at Americana Sportswear, were you will find the garment or other specialty item you may be wanting to print on, and place your order.